New Training Course: Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence for the Furniture Industry

In an effort to enhance companies’ ability to innovate and remain competitive in a constantly evolving technological landscape, a new specialised training course in Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence has been launched.

The course, with a total duration of 23 hours, is designed to provide a deep understanding of the practices and methodologies of technology watch, essential for any organisation seeking to anticipate the latest trends. Through four training modules, this course covers everything from the basics to the practical application of advanced watch and intelligence techniques, explaining the steps necessary to implement a systematic technology watch process.

Additionally, it includes an initial self-diagnosis tool that allows participants to assess their knowledge of the subject and guides them on which modules or units need to be studied in depth.

The training modules of the course are as follows:

1. Introduction to Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence

This module offers a general overview of the fundamentals and importance of technology watch. Participants will learn to differentiate between the concepts of watch and intelligence and understand their relevance in the current business context.

2. Identification of strategic Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence needs

Focused on detecting the specific needs of each organisation, this module guides participants through the process of identifying key areas where watch can provide significant value.

3. Gathering the information

This module teaches techniques and tools for collecting relevant data. Participants will learn to search for and select information efficiently, using reliable sources and advanced search methods.

4. Information analysis, evaluation, and outcomes

The final module focuses on analysing the collected data. Participants will develop skills to assess information and generate actionable insights, enabling strategic data-driven decision-making.

The course is designed to be accessible and practical, aimed at both industrial sector professionals and academics and students interested in strengthening their knowledge and skills. Upon completing the four modules, participants will have the opportunity to assess their knowledge through a final evaluation, and those who successfully complete all assessments will receive a certificate of completion.

To enrol in this training course and obtain more information, access the platform through this link.

This course has been developed within the framework of the SIBILA project, co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme, with collaboration from the University of Strasbourg, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, the Bulgarian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation, the Textile Testing Institute of the Czech Republic, and the training software expert company Globalnet.