Third NewEcoSmart meeting to define the training course structure of the project.

On 25th and 26th June, Amuebla attended the meeting of #NewEcoSmart partners, gathered in Cantanhede (Portugal) to celebrate the third project meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to make progress on key aspects of the project in order to design a strategy that will allow them to conclude with the planned temporary objectives. During the meeting, the progress achieved in the mapping sessions of the different pilots of the project was presented, where the partners gathered different working groups in order to develop innovative and inclusive ideas that favour the improvement of the skills of adults over 45 years old in rural areas, facilitating their adaptation to the ecological and digital transition in their workplaces.

This progress made it possible to define the final structure of the training course and the mobile learning application, the development of which is scheduled to start soon. The strategic steps to be taken to start the pilot after the summer were also discussed.

Finally, a date was set for the international meeting to be held in September. This crowdsourcing event, known as a Hackathon, will address topics such as sustainability, digital empowerment and habitat solutions. During the event, the development of innovative ideas will be encouraged, collaborative teams will be formed and support will be provided to launch eco-entrepreneurship projects.

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