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A space for collaboration between companies and technological, research and knowledge centres to develop technology and business projects.



Industry 4.0


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Circular Economy


Habitat Innovation


Applying cross-cutting knowledge, we focus on the importance of manufacturing processes through Industry 4.0 and innovation in the habitat industry, while being responsible and watching over our environment through Circular Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility.



We are committed to promoting innovative projects that are also relevant for our associates

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Amuebla helped us keeping up to date with the requirements that our medical devices must meet.

Alejandro Guardiola

CCEO of Formas Descanso

Alejandro Guardiola

The AMUEBLA cluster is a strategic partner for projects and tenders within the sustainable and digital habiat industry.

Carmen de Guerrero Manso

Administrative Law Professor at the University of Zaragoza


As a partner of AMUEBLA, we had the chance to participate in collaborative projects on circular economy , which made us becoming a more environmentally sustainable company.

Octavio Martínez Sánchez

Administrative Director of Acomodel

Octavio Martínez Sánchez


Second meeting of the NewEcoSmart project in Gijón

AMUEBLA has played a crucial role in the second meeting of the NewEcoSmart (NES) project held this week in Gijón. The event focused on the

DeepHABITAT Project: Driving Digital Transformation in the Habitat Sector

The DeepHABITAT project emerges as an innovative response to the crucial challenges faced by companies in the digitisation and standardisation of habitat product references. With

AMUEBLA attends the new transnational meeting of the ALLVIEW project in Barcelona

From 18 to 20 October 2023 took place in Barcelona a productive transnational meeting, organised by the AMBIT cluster, as part of the ALLVIEW project.

Continued development and improvement of the AUNA Sector Platform

The main objective of the AUNA platform is to make available to companies in the sector a set of secure management software applications, generated by

DTF will allow virtual furniture testing

The organisations and companies participating in the DTF project met on 6 October at Arvet’s head office to coordinate the activities that are being developed

The promotional video of the Erasmus PENELOPE project to promote gender equality in European SMEs is launched!

On the occasion of the #ERASMUSDAYS and in an exciting step towards promoting gender equality in the business environment, the Erasmus PENELOPE project has announced

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Las zonas rurales dependen de actividades tradicionales. La transición verde implica la adopción de prácticas sostenibles, lo que no solo preserva los recursos naturales, sino que también aumenta la eficiencia y la rentabilidad a largo plazo.#NEWECOSMART

AMUEBLA participa activamente en la segunda reunión del proyecto #NewEcoSmart en Gijón. Resultados reveladores de encuestas destacan la urgencia de mejorar habilidades en digitalización, circularidad y emprendurismo. 💡

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