AMUEBLA to speak on gender equality at the International Cluster to Cluster Meeting

AMUEBLA will talk about gender equality at the International Cluster to Cluster Meeting.

Next 8th June at 11.30h, AMUEBLA will participate as a speaker in the online talk ‘Diversity and Gender Equality: Clusters Look to the Future’, framed within the International Cluster to Cluster Meeting, a summit that brings together clusters from different European regions and countries with the aim of exploring areas of common interest, activating new partnerships with clusters and other innovation actors, and exchanging innovative models of collaboration between clusters.

Although awareness of the importance of an inclusive and gender-equal approach is present in industry at a more or less theoretical level, SMEs find it difficult to understand the economic/business logic behind it. And when they do, they often face the question of “how to do it in practice”.

There is a huge need to develop the capacity of enterprises in terms of gender equality, inclusion and new approaches to work and, at the same time, at the political level to create the right framework conditions for the implementation of the right measures.

Between the industry/SME and policy-making levels, clusters such as AMUEBLA are the most appropriate instruments to facilitate the adoption and implementation of such measures, as they have already established themselves as agents of change.

In this session, AMUEBLA will discuss with representatives of the European Commission, policy makers and other clusters about their experiences in addressing diversity and gender equality in the cluster ecosystem, mainly through the European projects Women in Power and Women Making Waves, both funded through the Erasmus+ programme.

Registrations to participate in the online event can be made through the following link.