AUNA platform enables integration of digital solutions for the furniture sector

A relatively simple way to increase the technological level of small and medium-sized companies in the Habitat Sector is to facilitate access to software applications. Among the great variety of existing technological offer, the AUNA platform is born with the will to integrate the entire value chain, providing digital solutions and suppliers to the technological needs of the Habitat companies.

The AUNA platform, developed within the framework of a project financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, with Next Generation funds from the EU, provides a technological solution so that both companies and technology and application developers have a virtual space in which to combine their needs and interests.

This platform was presented at the last HÁBITAT Fair, held in Valencia last September and will be available to users soon.

AUNA offers Habitat companies two main resources: a self-assessment tool and a platform for technological solutions and recommendations.

Presentación de AUNA en la Feria HABITAT
AUNA’s presentation at the HABITAT Fair

Through the initial configuration, AUNA users will be able to complete a simple questionnaire on the degree of automation and management of their processes, with which to assess their level of maturity and compare themselves with similar companies in the sector. Secondly, an artificial intelligence algorithm will be in charge of displaying the solutions best suited to the degree of digitalization of each company, linking the recommendations to those business areas with the lowest detected penetration of technologies.

This innovative data processing tool will make it possible to make increasingly refined recommendations to companies and optimize both the acquisition of solutions by users and registration by developers.

Solution providers interested in having their products referenced on AUNA will have the option of registering on the platform and generating the corresponding links.

The AUNA project has been developed thanks to the collaboration of the organizations AIDIMME (AEI Wood Furniture of the Valencian Community), CENFIM (Center for the technological diffusion of furniture and wood of Catalonia), AMUEBLA (Innovative business association of furniture and related products manufacturers in the region of Murcia.) and the companies WORLDWIDE VISION BUSINESS SOLUTIONS S.L. and FHIOS CONSULTORIA TECNOLÓGICA, S.L.