Development of a management and sustainability model for the collaborative platform for unified access to digital solutions in the Habitat sector (AUNA) with simplification of the use of the solutions offered.

Expected results

  • Generation of auto-configuration attributes from profiling and configuration data provided by users.
  • Optimised management of digital solutions by platform administrators and solution providers.
  • Opening of augmented analytics functionalities for end-users.
  • Access to on-demand support options for SME users.
  • Receipt of feedback from platform users.
  • Creation of a section for the publication of challenges detected in relation to needs not covered by existing digital solutions.
  • Implementation of the sustainability model defined for the AUNA platform.
  • Validation of the AUNA platform by its end users: habitat companies, consultants, suppliers and developers of digital solutions.
  • Analysis of the results obtained during the validation period.
  • Evaluation of the impact generated by the platform until the end of its validation.