Non-invasive and portable home device for cardiac output measurement

FlowBeat project develops a non-intrusive and portable cardiac output measurement system for domestic use that can be easily controlled by a single person without any medical knowledge. FlowBeat is part of a previous research project, EneHeart.

Expected outcomes

  • To check, improve and validate the hemodynamic model from EneHeart with a large data set that is sufficiently representative for population under diverse conditions.
  • To understand the hemodynamic model components, as well as the mechanism and factors that affect determining the cardiac output, to evolve the proposed measurement system with a solid theoretical basis.
  • To obtain a precise and optimum estimation of the cardiac output based on both the hemodynamic model and independent ML methods
  • To analyse how patient physical characteristics and measurement conditions influence.
  • To study and quantify the connection between central cardiac output and measurements in the arm.
  • To study and develop a method to measure hemodynamic variables of a patient and integrate them in the FlowBeat device.
  • To carry out technical optimization considering all aspects of usability, manufacturing, etc., to achieve product with high quality standards at a competitive price.
  • To develop a complete and intelligent telemedicine tool to measure and store the cardiac output, as well as to detect automatically possible cardiac problems. A telemedicine platform will facilitate access to data to patients, their relatives or specialists.
  • Clinical validation for the final FlowBeat telemedicine system.
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