Social innovation to enhance and transform: The NewEcoSmart project will reactivate rural areas through the green and digital transition

The NewEcoSmart project is taking its first steps to reactivate rural areas of Spain, Portugal and Italy, through training and education, towards the green and digital transition.

The intersection between green and digital is where sustainable approaches and digital technologies complement each other. The green transition involves changing the economy and industrial practices to make them more sustainable and ecologically responsible, and this includes the adoption of technologies that reduce environmental impact.

However, this double transition is still ongoing and requires multiple investments to truly reach people and communities, especially those in rural areas.

To this end, a Consortium led by CETEM (Spain) and seven more partners from 3 countries – from Spain, Amuebla, Yecla City Council and CTIC; from Portugal, SHINE and AD ELO; and from Italy, CEIPES and UNINA – was selected by the European Commission to implement an innovative project: NewEcoSmart.

In the first meeting yesterday, which the partners held online, the first tasks to be carried out during this last four-month period of the year began to be defined, and different mechanisms were put in place to start creating a network of contacts and those interested in the project.

The partners will meet in October in Brussels to continue advancing the project.