Liquid, how to foster creativity in coworking environments through AI

Amuebla launches to the research of new spaces based on intelligent systems that adapt to the recent needs of working environments such as coworking.

The purpose is that these spaces have an adaptive design that favours creativity and efficiency in the workplace. To achieve this, different technologies have been investigated, such as the use of wearables, which allow us to detect patterns of attention, emotion and perception of the user within the space and advanced lighting management, among other technological solutions. Thanks to this study and its subsequent analysis, through the use of Big Data technology, the project partners, together with the collaborating companies, have been able to identify opportunities for improvement to integrate into their new designs.

With the final results obtained from the research, the partners want to improve the value processes through the digitisation of design and habitat spaces, promoting the advantages of building smart spaces among manufacturers, distributors of habitat products, managers and promoters of coworking spaces, interior design studios, etc.