AMUEBLA Annual Assembly

Today, the Innovative Business Grouping of Furniture Manufacturers and Related Industries of the Region of Murcia(AMUEBLA) held its annual meeting together with the members of the assembly.

This association, founded with the aim of uniting companies in the furniture and wood sector in the region, brought together its members to discuss the progress and challenges of the past year, as well as to set goals and objectives for the future.

During the meeting, they had the opportunity to present the new strategic plan for the coming years, which will focus on improving the education and training of workers in the sector, strengthening relations with suppliers and customers, as well as promoting and disseminating quality and innovation in the production of furniture and wood products.

La reunión ha resultado un éxito, ya que los miembros se han mostrado positivos ante las oportunidades y desafíos que se avecinan. La asociación sigue siendo un ejemplo de cómo la colaboración entre empresas puede ayudar a mejorar el sector y a garantizar su crecimiento y sostenibilidad a largo plazo.