AUNA 2.0 improves processes designed in AUNA thanks to artificial intelligence

The habitat sector AEIs ADIMME, AMUEBLA and AMBIT, together with the companies FHIOS and WVBS tackled in 2021 the first development phase of the AUNA platform.

The main mission of this platform is to make available to companies in the sector a set of secure management software applications, generated by a wide variety of software developers, adjusting the existing offer to the specific needs of each company and generating the most appropriate recommendation for each need.

Schematically, the vision of the platform is shown in the following figure.

Conceptual model of the basic principle of operation of the AUNA platform

After implementing the first phase of the recommendation system based on the digital maturity of each user, in the second phase the system was improved by introducing more complex artificial intelligence algorithms, based not only on an initial profile of the user but also on their evolution as they received new suggestions, as well as on the users’ own opinions after experimenting with the recommended solutions. At the same time, the experience for developers was improved, offering facilities to protect the applications offered on the platform and allowing the use of shared spaces in the cloud.

Home screen of the AUNA platform (

In summary, the following improvements have been addressed in the AUNA 2.0 project:

  • Artificial intelligence algorithms have been updated to improve the accuracy of recommendations.
  • New user touchpoints have been defined with the platform’s users to infer greater dynamism and exploratory capacity of the recommendation algorithms as the size of the platform’s user base increases.
  • The platform algorithm has been updated to significantly reduce platform maintenance costs.
  • The business rules protecting the digital solutions indexed and hosted on the AUNA 2.0 platform have been improved, based on the intellectual property terms defined by the providers of these solutions.
  • A set of options has been implemented in the platform to enable the dynamic updating of the digital maturity profile of user companies registered in AUNA.
  • New visualisation and analytical elements have been implemented to show the individual evolution of each registered user, but also, in particular, the general behaviour of the platform to facilitate the identification of opportunities to boost the digital maturity of companies.

The AUNA 2.0 project is financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, with EU Next Generation funds, within the framework of the Innovative Business Groupings (AEI) grants.