Iterative design of advanced and collaborative robotics systems in machining and furniture assembly processes through simulation and digital twinning.

Expected results

  • Furniture manufacturers will have an effective tool for process simulation and real-time monitoring of production. They benefit from a system capable of emulating the behaviour of the real environment, optimising the production process through the analysis of process variables.
  • Technology integrators will be able to make the technological leap needed to accelerate the incorporation of advanced and collaborative robotics in work environments through a simulation tool applicable to the design of complex automation cells.
  • Manufacturers of specific woodworking machinery will be able to determine the degree of integration in sensor technology and embedded connectivity systems needed to facilitate communication with simulation environments.
  • The end users of the product will be able to see the impact on quality, cost and reduction of delivery times, the incorporation of robotic and simulation technology as key technologies for the operational competitiveness of manufacturing companies.