AMUEBLA revolutionises autonomous robotics in the habitat sector with the RUSH project

AMUEBLA, in its eagerness to promote innovation and efficiency in the habitat sector, has completed the research and development project called RUSH. This ambitious project has as its main objective the creation of an Intelligent System for the unattended supply by means of Autonomous Robotics.

The RUSH project addresses crucial aspects in its development, including the research and selection of advanced navigation algorithms, the generation of efficient routes and the creation of detailed representations of the work area plan. In addition, extensive exploration of Machine Learning (ML)-based planning algorithms and optimised systems will be carried out to ensure optimal system performance.

The highlights of the project are the development of specialised software modules for route management, map representation, mobile robot localisation and autonomous navigation. These modules are designed to work in a coordinated manner, allowing the robot to move autonomously in complex and dynamic environments.

Special emphasis has also been given to the design and development of an unattended planning module. This component is essential to ensure that the RUSH system operates efficiently and autonomously, minimising the need for human intervention.

AMUEBLA says that the project has been completed with the creation of a final prototype of the RUSH system, which has undergone rigorous testing and validation to ensure its functionality and reliability in real-world environments.

With the RUSH project, AMUEBLA is at the forefront of autonomous robotics in the habitat sector.