Continued development and improvement of the AUNA Sector Platform

The main objective of the AUNA platform is to make available to companies in the sector a set of secure management software applications, generated by a wide variety of software developers, adjusting the existing offer to the specific needs of each company and generating the most appropriate recommendation for each need.

AUNA has a brief digitisation questionnaire, which positions the company by evaluating four key areas: operations and processes, marketing and customer relations, organisation and human resources, software and digital infrastructure. Depending on the company’s characteristics, AUNA recommends a set of software applications that can cover the detected needs.

The platform is equipped with AI algorithms that, as recommendations and feedback from users increase, allow the recommendations to be fine-tuned.

The habitat sector AEIs ADIMME, AMUEBLA and AMBIT, together with the companies FHIOS and WVBS embarked on the first phase of development of the AUNA platform in 2021. The platform currently has around 60 users, a figure that is expected to increase through the AUNA 3.0 project. This new project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve the platform’s recommendation system, based on the use of proprietary solutions
  • Facilitate the integration of new solutions by suppliers.
  • Implement technical assistance services for users and developers, through tools integrated into the platform.
  • Establish a system for the identification of technological solutions not covered in the sector by technological suppliers.
  • Develop specific demonstrators that will allow for the dissemination and use of the platform among companies in the sector.
  • Implement the platform’s sustainability model

The AUNA 3.0 project is financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, with EU Next Generation funds, within the framework of aid for Innovative Business Groups (File AEI-010500-2023-70).