DeepHABITAT Project: Driving Digital Transformation in the Habitat Sector

The DeepHABITAT project emerges as an innovative response to the crucial challenges faced by companies in the digitisation and standardisation of habitat product references. With an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven approach, this project is presented as a catalyst to overcome the barriers that currently hinder online visibility, especially for medium and small companies in the sector.

Many habitat companies lack digital catalogues in formats compatible with the most widely used e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Prestashop or Magento. Those that have digitised their catalogues have often done so in a customised manner, making efficient integration into these platforms difficult and generating the need for costly and time-consuming manual input of information.

In this context, the project proposes to address this problem by simplifying the manual entry of information into digital catalogues. The solution lies in the automatic and standardised description of product references, thus facilitating their seamless integration into e-commerce platforms and specialised digital marketplaces. This technological approach will be implemented through the combination of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing technologies.

A significant dimension of the project includes case studies that will explore new utilities derived from this technology. This includes the ability to offer more varied and personalised product recommendations, as well as a contextualised visualisation of habitat products during the planning of interior design projects.

AMBIT is leading this ambitious project, in collaboration with the companies Koduz and StageInHome. The Innovative Business Grouping of Furniture and Related Industries of the Region of Murcia, AMUEBLA, plays an active role by collaborating closely with AMBIT to facilitate the sectoral transfer of the results.

Crucially, this industrial research receives co-funding from the Innovative Business Groupings Programme (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. It is also supported by the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, underlining the strategic importance of this project in driving innovation and digital transformation in the habitat sector.