Second meeting of the NewEcoSmart project in Gijón

AMUEBLA has played a crucial role in the second meeting of the NewEcoSmart (NES) project held this week in Gijón. The event focused on the presentation of results obtained from surveys conducted with companies and workers in the three pilots of the project, located in Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The evaluation of the surveys highlighted an urgent need to improve the occupational profiles of Habitat workers, especially those aged 45+. Skills shortages in key areas such as digitalisation, circularity and entrepreneurship were evident, underlining the importance of addressing these gaps to remain competitive in the changing labour landscape.

In addition, the partners presented an innovative digital and green tool developed in the framework of the NES project. This tool will play a key role in defining the knowledge framework of various users during the pilot phase of the project. Its main function will be to facilitate the adaptation of workers to the green and digital transition, offering an effective solution to the demands of today’s labour market.

The main objective of the NES project is to design and develop an inclusive social innovation approach. The goal is to support the retraining and upskilling of adults over 45 years of age, especially those living in rural areas. This approach aims to ensure that these workers are adequately prepared to adapt to changes in their current jobs or to explore new job opportunities in habitat-related sectors.

In line with the ecological and digital transition, the NES project also seeks to promote social entrepreneurship skills and mindsets. These capacities are essential for the successful adoption of new production and consumption processes, aligned with circular and socially responsible business models.